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3rd Trimester

Waiting for Baby’s Arrival

28-40 Weeks

During the last trimester the baby begins storing fat on the body.

Although, the lungs are not completely mature until the end of the pregnancy the baby begins some rhythmic breathing movement. The bones are completely developed but they are still soft and pliable.

At 38 weeks the fetus is considered full term and is ready to arrive at any time. Mom may notice a decline in fetal movement since there is less room in the uterus as the baby fills out.

At full term the average baby is about 19-21 inches long and weighs 6½ to 10 pounds.

From Our Patients
“Dr. Akonye & staff always made me feel more than just a patient. Took care of us through 4 though pregnancies.
May God bless them always.” – Claudia Roque Gutierrez